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Music born in Brazil, made in Los Angeles


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NOVA breathes new life into the sounds of classic Bossa Nova and Samba delivering an unforgettable musical experience that has already charmed and captivated audiences around the world.


NOVA is a Brazilian music quartet that combines influences from around the world to create a sound that is uniquely Los Angeles. Whether playing lively Samba classics or sultry Bossa Nova, NOVA delivers a fresh musical perspective with a voice that is all their own.


In 2011 NOVA released their first performance videos that have collectively reached over two million views worldwide. These videos combined with a steady performance schedule all over the globe have led the group to wide acclaim. In 2013 NOVA was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings as a first choice for high profile events and since then the band has performed for the most exclusive private and corporate gatherings. In spring 2014, NOVA released their first full-length album on iTunes in response to worldwide demand from their dedicated followers.


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